Sep 22, 2010

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Lemon & Honey drink – an oldie but a goodie

Lemon & Honey drink – an oldie but a goodie

When you have a sore throat coming on,  all you want and need is a hot drink to soothe it but a latte just wont don’t do it for you.  Well that’s me now (again!!!) so I thought I’d share how a good old fashioned HOT lemon & honey drink is doing me wonders right now.   All you need is hot water, lemon and honey – and a couple of our things can make it a little bit enjoyable.

Hot lemon & honey drink gear

The Lemon Squeezer, lemon, honey, The Honey Dripper, Comfort double walled glass ..and HOT water! The old fashioned sore throat remedy - hot lemon & honey drink.

The Lemon Squeezer makes squeezing lemons nice and easy and it’s a bit therapeutic as well. Don’t forget with this one you can store the left over wedges back inside the lemon squeezer because it’s a keeper as well as a squeezer.

The Sting -honey dripper, delivering a nice serve of honey

The Sting-honey dripper delivers a lovely dose of honey to the hot lemon drink.

The Sting – honey dripper holds a LOAD of honey and can go straight from a nice pot of organic honey into the hot water as a stirrer.  The nice thing is it comes out completely clean and wont make a mess when you have finished stirring.

The sting- honey dripper and stirrer

The Sting-honey dripper is a lovely stirrer too then come out as clean as a whistle!

Your honey & lemon drink will stay nice and hot for a while in the Comfort double walled glass. So sip away and be comforted by an oldie but a goodie.

  1. Nice!!!! Very , very nice !!!! Going to make one now!!!!

    • make my day says:

      I think I had one in my hand constantly yesterday!! that’s a few lemons and a bit too much honey but it did soothe my throat :)

  2. so true, and thanks for the reminder! my husband has a small cold right now and I will totally make this for him!

    p.s. you take great pics!

    • make my day says:

      The old fashioned remedies are sometime the best ones aren’t they! hope he likes it… you’ll probably have to make it nice and sweet :)

  3. Lemon + Honey drinks have been our go-to cold fighter for our family ever since I can remember (and then there was the weird strap garlic to the soles of your feet phase – urgh). But this remedy is a sure thing I reckon. Thanks for the reminder!
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